Trivial Pursuit Card of the Day: 4.30

Each day (or so) I will list all six questions off a random Trivial Pursuit card that I have in my wallet. The answers can be found in the following day’s post. I will also provide a hint to a single question. Or sometimes I get too lazy. Good Luck!

Card #301, Genus Edition, 1981

Geography: What country has the most movie theaters?

Entertainment: What George Harrison tune sounded too much like He’s So Fine by The Chiffons?

History: What did Richard Nixon’s CREEP stand for?

Arts and Literature: Who accompanied Huck Finn on his Mississippi River raft ride?

Science and Nature: Who invented the mimeograph machine?

Sports and Leisure: What’s the only NFL team without decorations on the sides of its helmets?


All six correct: 500 Points –  Five correct: 350 Points – Four correct: 200 Points – Three correct: 100 Points – Two correct: 50 Points – One correct: 25 Points

Last Card’s Answers 4.29 (Questions HERE)

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon5 Golden RingsApartheid Opossum Energy Jack Nicklaus

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