El Trivia: Cinco de Mayo Edition!!

**UPDATE: Check out the 2011 edition of Cinco de Mayo Trivia! (part I|part II)

In honor of Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, here is a hodge-podge of Mexican trivia. Email me at sayknowtotrivia@gmail.com with your answers and you could win FREE tickets to the Lindy Promotions Irish Cinco de Mayo event at Mackey’s bar in Washington, DC. More details here.

Good luck!!

1. What Futurama character is proudly from Mexico and boasts “Hecho en Mexico” on the inside of his torso door?

2. Who are the two male and female stars of the 2001 movie “The Mexican”?

3. What is on the Mexican flag?

4. Translate the sentence “Déme una cerveza”.

5. What plant is used to make Tequila?

6. What are the three most populated cities/metropolitan areas in Mexico?

7. What does Cinco de Mayo commemorate?

8. How many calories are in a bottle of the Chelada Style beer Miller Chill?

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