Taco Trivia!

Willie Nelson: I can be pretty scary.

Master Shake: Whats that word that’s the exact opposite of scary?

Meatwad: Tacos?

Well it’s been a while. Last post came during Cinco de Mayo so it only seems logical to pick up where I left off and give you guys some TACO BELL trivia. This one comes from the folks at THE list blog on the internet:11 Points. These guys are awesome. They come up with different sports lists, movie lists, TV lists, top lists etc. etc. All the lists have eleven elements in them “because top 10 lists are for cowards”.

If you’re in to It’s Always Sunny (and why shouldn’t you be? weirdo…) then check out the 11 BEST EPISODES OF IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA. Pretty solid list even though it was made before the 4th season and therefore before the epic THE NIGHTMAN COMETH. But I digress. Onto the tacos…

1. In what 1993 futuristic action flick was Taco Bell the only restaurant to survive the “fast food wars” and therefore was the ONLY restaurant? Literally. Everywhere. Ever. Solamente Taco Bell. Mucho Chalupas. (HINT: You can cheat by checking out the tags)

2. How can you get free Taco Bell for life?

3. How much beef does Taco Bell use every year?

4. What is the least healthy item on the Taco Bell menu?

5. How did the name “Taco Bell” come about?

6. What NBA team gives away free Chalupas to all the attendees if their team scores 100 points? Literally every game they score over 100 points. These fans go frikin nuts once the scoreboard reaches triple digits. Regardless of the outcome. Seriosuly.

For the answers check out 11 Obscure Taco Bell Trivia Facts at 11 points. I’m feeling generous so I’m giving out 50 POINTS for each correct answer. Your welcome.

I’d also like to thank the folks at Digg for posting the article on their front page.

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