Team Trivia TONIGHT @Maddy’s Bar & Grille (Dupont Circle, DC)

Quick details:

Maddy’s Bar & Grille: 1726 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC

Time: 8:00 PM (Show up early and grab a table!)

Winner gets: $50 Bar Dollars

Come see me host team trivia tonight at Maddy’s.

It is totally awesome and you should come because guess what? YOU ARE ALL AWESOME TOO!!! It’s going to be so awesome that everyone in the bar is going to need to take a bath in tomato juice to wash off all of that awesome. Or is that for raccoons? Raccoons don’t smell. Actually I take that back. Raccoons probably do small pretty bad considering they are smelly wild rodents and they treat your trash can like the latest nightclub slash Cici’s Pizza buffet. One time when I was a kid a raccoon was in my garage and my dad tried to scare it off with a toy laser gun that made 15 different laser sounds that I bought at Toys R Us because I won my dad’s office football pool that week. There will be no questions about raccoons tonight.

And oh look, I found a special little deal just for you! $20 for $40 worth of food AND DRINKS! Drinks people. Drinks.

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