Not-so-Spooky Halloween Trivia (Round 2: Vampires)

Here’s your Vampire round (Sorry Twihards, nothing about pale, glittering, pretty boys or furry dudes with abs that you can grate cheese on). Good luck!

Bonus Trivia: Alliumphobia is the fear of Garlic.
  1. (Restaurants) Renowned Vampire hunter Van Helsing knows that Vampires can’t stand garlic. That’s why he recommends taking a vampire out to this San Francisco restaurant, named for a historical name for garlic, which strives to incorporate garlic into every single dish.
  2. (Geography) Van Helsing also knows that if he wants to lure a vampire to his death by sunlight, his chances are greatest in the sunniest place on Earth, in the town of Yuma, where the sun shines 93% of the possible 4,400 hours of daylight each year. In what U.S. state can you find the town of Yuma?
  3. (Religion) Van Helsing knows that crucifixes are a major bother to vampires but he knows never to hold one upside down, a symbol for what Saint based on the way he was crucified.
  4. (Fun with Food) When Van Helsing isn’t stabbing vampires in the heart with wooden steaks, he’s chowing down on Philly Cheesesteaks from these two competing neighboring cheesesteak joints in the heart of Philadelphia.
  5. (Famous Tourist Traps) Since vampires have no reflection, Van Helsing wouldn’t be fazed by a vampire showdown is this palace’s famed Hall of Mirrors. (Palace of Versailles)

Vampires love these songs! Can you help them find the artist to each song? TWO points per answer. Good luck!

a. Sunday Bloody Sunday


b. Blood on the Dance Floor

c. Blood Sugar Sex Magik

d. Hot Blooded

e. Cold Blooded

f. Let It Bleed

g. Bleed American

h. Bleed the Freak

i. Blood, Sex & Booze

j. Bloodstone and Blood Red Skies

k. Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding

l.  Blood On Blood

Feel free to shout out answers on Twitter @SayKNOWtoTrivia.

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