Not-so-spooky Halloween Trivia: Round 3 (Zombies)

mmmmmmmmm….braaains……mmmmm……..Here’s Round 3: Zombies!

  1. (Music) A zombie’s favorite song is “Zombie”, a 1994 hit by what Irish band?

  2. (Movies) A zombie’s favorite director is Rob Zombie, the man behind such films as House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and this 2007 reboot of what horror classic?
  3. (You Booze you lose) A zombie’s favorite cocktail is the Zombie, named after how you feel after drinking one. It’s traditionally made of fruit juices and at least four kinds of what type of alcohol?
  4. (Video Games) A zombie’s favorite video game centers around a man trapped in a zombie-infested shopping mall, using any available object as a weapon. The upcoming sequel to the game takes place in Fortune City, based on the Las Vegas strip.
  5. (Human Anatomy) Zombie’s love to snack on this part of the brain’s limbic system associated with long-term memory, from the Greek for sea-horse.

Good Luck!

Answer in the comments or shout out on Twitter @SayKNOWtoTrivia.


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