Not-so-spooky Halloween Trivia (Round 4: Monsters)

Here’s the final round of not-so-spooky trivia for your Halloween hangover. It’s a monster mash-up of categories! (It’s too late to be creative).

  1. (Music) What pop star refers to her fans as her “little monsters”?

    Red Bull's scary alternative. Yeager bombs still encouraged.
  2. (Famous Figures) Monster Energy Drink is currently running a “Golden Ticket” promotion where five contestants have a chance to win a trip to the Fantasy Factory, founded by what celebrity skateboarder/entrepreneur?
  3. (Good Old Fashioned American Entertainment) Fist introduced in 1979 as a refurbished Ford F-250 pickup truck, this is regarded as the very first Monster Truck.
  4. (Movies) What two actresses won Best Actress Oscars for their roles in the 2003 film Monster and the 2001 film Monster’s Ball?
  5. (Music) The first single off their album Monster, the R.E.M. song “What’s the Frequency Kenneth?” refers to the words uttered by an assailant during an unprovoked attack on what famous news anchor in 1986

And we finish the night off with some movie trivia. I name the monster, you name the movie. Good luck!

a. The Stay-puff Marshmellow Man

b. Gizmo

c. Pinhead

d. Graboids

e. Mike Wazowski

f. Sarlacc

g. Pale Man 

h. Xenomorph 

i. Vigo the Carpathian

j. Shelob

k. Insectosaurus

l. Pennywise

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