Maddy’s Team Trivia RECAP

It was neck and neck between the We’re Getting Married and Listeria Hysteria but in the end, it was Shi Ka Kaaaaaa’s knowledge of movie directors in Round 4 that powered them to the top. BUT WAIT! I guess they thought they were out of it for good because THEY LEFT before the final score was announced. SO we needed a one question Trivia-off for the coveted $50 gift card and pride. We’re Getting Married walked away the winner by guessing that the Washington Monument was 565 feet tall, closer than Listeria Hysteria’s guess of 333 feet (actual height 555 feet).

Here’s the whole board. This could be you! We’re at Maddy’s every Wednesday at 8PM.

1. Shi Ka Kaaaaa: 86

2. Listeria Hysteria: 82

3. We’re Getting Married*: 82

4. Winos: 81

5. Wiki-Freaks: 79

6. I made out on that couch:78

7. 3 guys @ the bar: 75

8. Fire Rich Rod: 59

9. Chutney: 29

10. Steve/Diana: 14

11. Just the tip: 13

12. boss: 7

*Winner by tiebreaker, and cuz the first team left early. wah wah.


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