ESPN’s Around the Horn: Pop Culture References – December 7, 2010

Have you ever been watching Around the Horn on ESPN and think to yourself “I wish I could be as young and hip and good looking as Tony Reali and understand all his pop culture references. *sigh*.”? Well wish no more! I’ll explain all these references to you, free of charge!

Here’s Tuesday’s show:

The Plague: Reali says the Patriots covered the Jets on Monday night like the “Bubonic plague over Europe”. The bubonic plague was the “Black death” that killed 75 million people in Europe in the 14th century.

Chaka Khan: JA references the song “What Cha’ Gonna Do for Me” by 1970s singer/songwriter Chaka Khan. The lyrics go: “When the chips are down/In the cool of the night/When nothing seems right”.

Bad movie sequels: Reali refers to former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels’s taping allegations as “Spygate 2: Electric Boogaloo”, a reference to the 1985 film “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo” (a follow up to the 1984 film “Breakin’“). Here’s another ATH reference to the film.

Fun w/ Impressions: Tim Cowlishaw continues to wow us with his impressions, this time he does announcer Marv Albert, who was the voice of the New York Knicks for 37 years starting in 1967.

Slow animals: I forget the context, but Reali says something along the lines of “Moving like one in the night like a two- toed sloth.” A two-toed sloth is a slow, furry creature that lives in the forest and, yes, has two toes on their front paws. As far as  pop-culture reference goes, I’m at a loss.

Two-Toed Sloth: What does it mean?!?

Magic Bullet: Alluding to Donald Trump’s infamous “hair” flapping in the breeze in Foxborough on Monday night, Reali says it goes “Back and to the left, back and to the left. BACK, and to the left.” This was initially a reference to the 1991 Oliver Stone film, JFK, in which Kevin Costner tries to convince the court that Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t alone in John F. Kennedy’s assassination, based on Kennedy’s head movement after being shot (Watch the courtroom scene here, starts around 3:20). The reference is made even more clear after Adande mentions the Zapruder Film. Abraham Zapruder was the man behind the camera of the most famous video of the JFK assassination.

This scene was also spoofed on episode of Seinfeld involving former baseball great Keith Hernandez and a “magic loogie” instead of former great president John F. Kennedy and a magic bullet. Watch it here.

Did I miss anything? (like that sloth phrase maybe?) Shout out in the comments or on Twitter @SayKNOWtoTrivia.

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