Mobile Year in Review 2010: How well do you know America’s mobile habits?

The folks at the mobile advocacy association, Mobile Future, unleashed a video this morning that literally shows us just how obsessed we are with our smart phones. Before checking out the video (after the bump), why not take the quiz below and see how well you know America’s mobile habits in 2010.

1. In 2009, 300 million mobile apps were downloaded. How many were downloaded in 2010?

a) 500 million

b) 1 billion

c) 5 billion

d) 100 zillion

2. What location-based mobile application increased its user base from 200,000 in 2009 to 5 million in 2010?

a) Facebook Places

b) Foursquare

c) Gowalla

d) Uhhh…………………Loopt?

3. What percentage of adults use their mobile device to take photos?

a) 56%

b) 66%

c) 76%

d) Does that include photos you take of your back to get a better look at that growth that’s been worrying you?


Pictured: Photo I just took with my iPhone of not that growth on my back that's been worrying me, thankfully.

4. The average teen sends 3,339 texts…

a) Every Week

b) Every Month

c) Every Year

d) Before breakfast

5. What remote location got 3G mobile internet access for the first time in 2010?

a) Mt. Everest

b) The Mariana Trench

c) Antarctica

d) Canada

Think you know the answers? Check out the Mobile Year in Review video below.

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