Maddy’s Trivia Recap – December 29, 2010

Thanks for coming out to Maddy’s yesterday! I had a swell time. Especially after the four rum and cokes kicked in.

It was a tight race all the way until the end, folks. After leading for the first three rounds, it looked like the game was in the bag for The Student is Now the Teacher. But in the end, No Way She is With Him shot to the top with their knowledge of Hollywood remakes and took home the $50 bar dollars. Props also goes out to the strong second place finish of the West Essex Squatters, who were on the heels of first place the entire match. Last place honors went to the out-of-towners Team Australia, who took home the stack of Trivial Pursuit cards so they can keep practicing!

Join us next week for YEAR IN THE REAR-VIEW TRIVIA!!!

Final standings below:

76 – No Way She is With Him

74 – West Essex Squatters

73 – The Student is Now the Teacher

59 – Ebony and Ivory

59 – Jon Voight’s LeBaron

58 – I Have a Boehner

55 – Like My Couch I pull Out

55 – Shameless and Nameless

54 – Phenix

49 – The Ladies

32 – Australia

10 – Church (They left)

Most creative answer goes to Shameless and Nameless who thought that the “A.F.” in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World stood for “Awkward Fornication”.

Shout out also goes to Like My Couch I Pull Out for squeezing out a few extra bonus points from me by exploiting my love for RUSH and boobs.

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