Maddy’s Trivia Recap – January 5, 2011

TRIVIA TONIGHT at Maddy’s. Hope to see you there!!!! (New Time – 7:30)

In the mean time, here are the standings from last week’s YEAR IN REVIEW quiz. By the slimmest of margins, William & Awesome pulled off the big win (and saved me from frantically trying to come up with a tie-breaker question).

William & Awesome – 80

Team Tim – 79

Birdpocalypse Now – 79

Better Late Than Never – 75

Bye Bye Blackbirds – 75

Bieber Fever – 71

Lysteria Hysteria – 71

Nobody puts baby in the corner – 68

Is that a Gavel in your pocket or are you John Boehner? – 64

Broskys – 63

Angry Birds of Arkansas – 61

Sofa King Comfortable – 58

Spicolli’s Pizza – 57

Moroz – 54

Yolo – 46

The Gnome Boners – 35

Kamikazes – 10

Van Helsing – 9

BourGhetto – 7


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2 thoughts on “Maddy’s Trivia Recap – January 5, 2011

  1. The cheating at Maddy’s trivia night has gotten out of control. We pointed out teams cheating to you last night but you just shrugged and didn’t seem to care. The number of perfect scores last night was ludicrous. Even though it’s only a contest for $50 it makes it no fun to know that no matter how well we do we’ll always lose to cheaters. I don’t think every team is cheating — I recognize that some teams are better at trivia than we are but often times (like last night) people aren’t even trying to hide it. They have their phones out in plain sight, Google the answer and write it down. I can’t speak for the rest of my team but I’m not coming back for trivia until the cheating stops. It’s a shame because I really enjoy it and I think you do a great job with the questions but the rampant cheating undermines your efforts.

  2. Where the heck are you guys!?!? Come back!! We’re still rockin out and the picture rounds are as good as they’ve ever been! AND no one cheats anymore cuz word got out of how douchy it is. Seriously, get your asses back here.

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