Pop Culture References from ESPN’s Around the Horn – March 14

Have you ever been watching Around the Horn on ESPN and think to yourself “I wish I could be a #1 seed like Tony Reali and understand all his pop culture references. *sigh*.”? Well wish no more! I’ll explain all these references to you, free of charge!

Here’s the lowdown from yesterday’s Bracket busting edition.

AI’s “Practice”: “We’re talkin ’bout brackets” exclaims Tony Reali at the beginning of the show. This is a reference to Allen Iverson’s infamous press conference where he says the word “practice” at least 20 times.

Flyers from the 90s: Reali refers to this year’s Southwest region as the “region of doom”. Sounds a lot like the “Legion of Doom” line that the Philadelphia Flyers put together from 1995-97 which consisted of Eric Lindros, “Johnny on the Doorstep” LeClaire and Mikael Renberg. Legion of Doom is also a group of baddies from the DC Universe (with dudes like Black Manta, The Riddle, Lex Luthor etc.)

The truth is that Colorado was left out of the tournament.

Jack: In reference to people weeping over this year’s NCAA tournament snubs, J.A. Adande references a line from Jack Nicholson’s famous “You can’t handle the truth!” speech from the 1992 film A Few Good Men: “You weep for Santiago and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that Santiago’s death, while tragic, probably saved lives.”


A Jim Carrey role we can be proud of: After Reali finally finishes reciting the number of possible NCAA tournament brackets (18,446,744,073,709,551,616 – not counting the new”first round” games), he says “So I’m saying there’s a chance!”. This is in reference to a line by Jim Carrey’s character Lloyd Christmas in the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber after Mary Samsoni….i mean Swanson tells him there’s a one-in-a million chance that “a guy like you and a girl like me… [will end] up together”.

People who look alike: Woody Paige says that the Morris twins from Kansas University are the best twins since the Olsens and the Gibbs. That would  be Maurice and Robin of Bee Gees fame and Mary Kate and Ashley of former countdown-til-they’re 18 fame.

Whoa!: In reference to two top plays from the weekend, Reali mentions the  Joey Lawrence “Whoa” and the Keanu Reeves “Whoa“. The former was a catchphrase that Lawrence made famous in the 90s sitcom Blossom. The latter originated from the 1999 film The Matrix after a, um….stoic? Neo (Reeves) learns he’s got crazy Matrix super powers.

Curb: Reali addressed two “prittay, prittay” makes from the weekend. This is a reference to one of Larry Davids catchphrases on the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm. He uses it when something is “pretty good”. Just watch this video already.

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