Classic March Madness Trivia

These shouldn’t be too hard if you are a true Man of the Madness…Enjoy DAY 1 folks!

  1. What freshman earned the tournament’s Most Outstanding player while leading the Syracuse Orange to a national Championship in 2003?
  2. Everyone knows that UCLA holds the record for most Tournament Championship victories with 11, but who holds second place with 7?
  3. In 1992, what become the first University to put five freshmen in the starting lineup, including future NBA stars Chris Webber and Juan Howard, earning them the nickname “The Fab Five”?
  4. Name the year. The last year the Tournament was played without a shot clock. The NCAA Tournament expands from 53 to 64 teams. Villanova University wins the NCAA Championship as an 8 seed, the lowest seed ever to win the tournament.
  5. As a head coach, exuberant announcer Dick Vitale earned a berth in the 1977 NCAA Tournament for what Midwestern university?


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