The Return of Jayson Stark Baseball Trivia – March 31, 2011

And there was much rejoicing. For opening day marks the rebirth of Jayson Stark’s baseball trivia. Time to dust off the cobwebs folks. Here are some past questions to get you started.

Today’s question went like this:

“Chase Utley has driven in 100 R 4 times. Only 3 current 2B have done it once! Think they can name them?”

Answers below THE man.

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(Robinson Cano – 109 in 2010)(Dan Uggla – 105 in 2010)(Aaron Hill – 108 in 2009)

Stark said that the most common wrong guesses were Brandon Phillips (98), Ian Kinsler (86), Dustin Pedroia (83), Rickie Weeks (83), Jose Lopez (96).

Until next time!

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