Final “4” Trivia

I was too busy playing water polo and getting completely waste face to post this on Saturday during the actual Final 4 but that shouldn’t really matter because these questions don’t have anything to do basketball.

1.    (Science) What alkaline earth metal, found in such gem stones as aquamarine and emerald, is number 4 in the periodic table? 

2.    (Word Play) From the Greek for “a word having four letters”, this term is primarily used in Judaism to refer to the name of God. 

3.    (Music) With hits that included Urgent and Waiting for a Girl Like You, what band’s fourth studio album was simply called “4”? 

4.    (Law) As part of the Bill of Rights, the 4th amendment protects citizens from what? 

5.    (Ancient History) According to ancient Greek physicians and philosophers, an imbalance in the proportion of the four main bodily substances – blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile – caused all diseases. Collectively these four substances were known as what?

Answers below the Answer Cow.


(Beryllium)(Tetragrammaton)(unreasonable searches and seizures)(Foreigner) (The Four Humors)

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