“Masters” Trivia

Let’s face it. Golf is boring. Golf trivia is just ok. Masters trivia isn’t much better. But “Masters” trivia? Now we’re talking. Here’s a little something for everyone. I’m feeling generous so 5 million points for each correct answer. Ready…go!

  1. (Cartoons) The character of He-Man from the Masters of the Universe franchise was granted his powers by a sorceress from what castle
  2. (Literature) Published in 1969, what English Novelist wrote the book Master and Commander, the first in the series of adventures with Captain Jack Aubrey and naval surgeon Stephen Maturin? 
  3. (Music) DJ Jam Master Jay was one of the founding members of what hip hop group?
  4. (Education) You can get your masters of business administration at the Wharton School of Business at what East Coast University
  5. (Sports) From 1934 to 1979, who was the only non-American to win the Masters Tournament, accomplishing the feat 3 times?

BONUS: People from 10 different countries have won the Masters. Name them all! Half a million points for each correct country.

Hint: One of the answers is America


(Grayskull)(Patrick O’Brien)(Run DMC)(University of Pennsylvania)(Gary Player – South Africa)

BONUS: United Sates, Spain 4, South Africa 4, England 3, Germany, Scotland (Sandy Lyle), Wales (Ian Woosnam), Fiji (Vijay Singh), Canada (Mike Weir), Argentina (Angel Cabrera)

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