Trivia Night TONIGHT at Maddy’s

Greetings fellow humans! If you’re in the Dupont Circle area of Washington DC tonight around 7:30, why not stop into Maddy’s Bar & Grille for the best freakin trivia night you will ever have in your life, AND YES THAT IS A THREAT!*

*Scientific data from lab mice inconclusive

So if you’re in the circle, go NORTH on Connecticut until you get to 1726. Then walk in and grab  a score sheet and get a beer and enjoy your pants off. The cross street is S i think? Everyone’s doing it!

Steve: Hey Rick, what are you up to tonight? Rick: DUH #winning?! It's Wednesday so I'm gonna kill it at Maddy's trivia night. Steve: Oh that's right. I think I will join you. Any nut-puns for our readers before we go? Rick: Nah, I'm too lazy.


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