420 Trivia

Unfortunately I got bumped yet again for the Caps game last night so I couldn’t do this live on 4/20 as planned , but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy it! HOPEFULLY I’ll see you next week.

Answers are below the happy Easter Egg.

The first five questions are in the SayKNOWtoTrivia-style and the next 7 are much more direct (major props to MC Dubs for using his procrastination time on those instead of his usual Facebook stalking and reading every single article on ESPN.com)

  1. (Sports) American Dick Fosbury revolutionized this Olympic event while winning the Gold Medal in 1968? 
  2. (Food & Drink) What dessert consisting of ice cream, sponge cake and meringue, was called a Norwegian Omelette until 1876?
  3. (Literature/Spoiler Alert) In Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery”, in which a lottery decides which member of a small American community is ritually sacrificed each year, how does the lottery winner die?
  4. (Snacks) What is the name of the Frito Lay product that traditionally features Doritos, Cheetos, Sun Chips and Rold Gold Pretzels? 
  5. (Fun with numbers) What is the smallest number divisible by the numbers 1 through 7? 
  6. (Movies) What movie features rapping duo Ice Cube Redman and Method Man as stoners who go to Harvard?
  7. (TV) What actor from the TV show “Gillian’s Island” was arrested in 1998 after he signed for a FedEx delivery of 2 ounces of marijuana?
  8. (Music) What song by ska-punk band Sublime contains the lyrics ‘i don’t get angry when my smokes pot’?
  9. (Music) What 1970s American rock band release this hit single “what a fool believes,” which reached #1 in the Billboard 100 on April 14, 1979? 
  10. (Sports) What former heavyweight boxing champion tested positive for marijuana after his fight with Andrew Golota? 
  11. (Music) What Bob Marley and the Wailers album cover features a picture of Bob Marley smoking a huge joint?
  12. (Movies) What actor played a pot head named Floyd in the 1993 movie, “True Romance”? 

lauging easter egg


(High Jump) (Baked Alaska)(Stoned to death)(Munchies)(420)(How High)(Bob Denver) (What I Got)(The Doobie Brothers)(Mike Tyson)(Catch a Fire)(Brad Pitt)

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