Monday Trivia: Do you know your TV High Schools?

It’s Monday so we’re going back to school. I name the TV high school, you name the TV show. Got it? Good. I’ll give you 3.14 points for each correct answers, which you can check out below. Good luck!

  1. Bayside High School
  2. Capeside High School
  3. John Adams High School
  4. The Harbor School
  5. Sunnydale High School
  6. Lawndale High School
  7. Eastland Boarding School
  8. James Woods High School
  9. Dillon High
  10. William McKinley High
  11. James Buchanan High
  12. Flatpoint High School
I encourange you to watch this.

ANSWERS!! (Don’t let the teacher catch you cheating!)

(Saved by the Bell)(Dawson’s Creek)(Boy Meets World)(The OC)(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)(Daria)(The Facts of Life) (Family Guy)(Friday Night Lights)(Glee and Freaks & Geeks)(Welcome Back, Kotter)(Strangers with Candy)

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