Friday Leftovers: “Royal” Edition

Today’s edition of Friday Leftovers is dedicated to SayKNOWToTrivia’s babe of the week, Kate Middleton. For each correct answer, you get 1776 points. Good luck! Answers below the flaming Queen.

  1. (Disease) What disease did Queen Victoria pass on to several of her decedents, earning the nickname the “Royal Disease?
  2. (Sports) What Kansas City Royals All-Star and member of the 3,000 hit club has a section of their Wikipedia page labeled “The Pine Tar Incident”?
  3. (Movies) What was the name of the movie that introduced the “Royale with Cheese” to popular culture in 1994? (BONUS: Name the two CHARACTERS involved in that conversation)
  4. (History) Incorporated by British royal charter in 1670 as a fur trading business, this is the oldest commercial corporation in North America and even functioned as the de facto government in parts of North America before claims by Europeans and the United States.
  5. (Foreign Countries) Prince William and Kate Middleton became engaged in October of 2010, during a 10 day trip in what country?

SUPER ROYAL BONUS!! Since 1707 when the Kingdom of England merged with the Kingdom of Scotland, there have been 12 monarchs of Great Britain and the United Kingdom. For 12 points each, NAME ALL 12!!



(Hemophilia)(George Brett)(Pulp Fiction/Jules+Vincent)(Hudson’s Bay Company)(Kenya)

BONUS: Anne, George I, George II, George III, George IV, William IV, Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George IV, Elizabeth II

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