Friday Leftovers: Canadian Trivia

Happen to miss trivia night this week? Well Friday Leftovers lets you see some of what you missed. This was technically part II of “NAFTA” Trivia. Enjoy, fellow and honorary Canadians!

  1. (Explorers) What French explorer was the first to map the Saint Lawrence River as well as the first to document the name Canada? 
  2. (Sports) What Montreal Canadiens player was suspended for the remainder of the 1955 season for an on-ice incident involving the injury of a referee, sparking a famous riot in downtown Montreal that fueled rising tensions between English and French Canadians in Quebec. 
  3. (Television) Robin Schebatsky is the token Canadian on this sit com, which was recently renewed for a 7th and 8th season? 
  4. (Comic Books) Originally created as part of a backstory for the X-Men’s Wolverine in 1979, what is the name of the Canadian superhero team that included Northstar, Snowbird and Guardian?
  5. (Music) Everyone knows that Justin Bieber is Canadian. But in what province was he born and raised? 
  • BONUS MULTIPLE (Movies) Name the Canadian Actor!
        1. Barbara Rose Kopetski in Barb Wire 
        2. The Green Lantern in The Green Lantern 
        3. Del Griffith in Plains, Trains and Automobiles 
        4. Charlie Conway in The Mighty Ducks
        5. Both the lead actor and actress in The Notebook
        6. Danielle Clark in The Girl Next Store
        7. Mitch Weaver in Dirty Work 
        8. Stranz Van Waldenberg in Blades of Glory
        9. The voice of Flick in A Bugs Life 
        10. Sam Emerson and David in The Lost Boys

Answers below Sasquatch and co.


Jacques Cartier)(Maurice Richard)(How I Met Your Mother) (Alpha Flight)(Ontario)

(Pamela Anderson)(Ryan Reynolds)(John Candy) (Joshua Jackson) (Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling) (Elisha Cuthbert)(Norm MacDonald) (Will Arnett)(Dave Foley) (Corey Haim and Keifer Sutherland)

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