Friday Leftovers: Mother’s Day Edition

If you couldn’t make it to Trivia Night at Maddy’s this week, you missed out on my special Mother’s Day round, made extra special by a special guest appearance by my mom. Enjoy, and Happy Early Mother’s Day 2012, Kate Middleton! Make sure to check out Part II, the Celebrity Baby Quiz!

  1. (Movies) What movie featured a spaceship computer system called “Mother”? 
  2. (US History) Beginning in 1848, what historical event popularized the term “Mother Lode”? 
  3. (Television) Clair Huxtable of “The Cosby Show” was part of a brigade of high-powered professional moms that took television by storm in the 1980s. What was her profession? 
  4. (War) In 1990, Saddam Hussein advised the Iraqi people to prepare for the “Mother of all Battles” if the US-led coalition forces attempted to evict his army of occupation from what country? 
  5. (Animal Kingdom) What animal moms have the longest gestation period of all mammals at 22 months?

Answers below the mother teet.

plastic cow
Her calves turned into an utter disapointment...


(Alien)(California Gold Rush)(Lawyer)(Kuwait)(Elephant)

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