Red, White & Blue Trivia!

You don’t actually need to be American to answer these RED WHITE & BLUE trivia questions. Each answer is worth 1776 points. Good luck!

1. (Movies) As a member of Red Squadron, Red 5 was this movie character’s call sign.
2. (Sports) Head coach and eventual front office executive Red Auerbach was instrumental in the success of what NBA team?
3. (Music Videos) What was the name of the actress that appeared in white lingerie on the hood of a Jaguar in Whitesnake’s music video for the song Here I Go Again?
4. (Fictional Characters) Perry White is the Editor-In-Chief of what fictional newspaper?
5. (Military) What type of fighter jets are currently used by the Navy’s flight demonstration squadron known as the Blue Angels a) Skyhawk b)Hornet c)Tigerhawk d) Phantom


1. (Music) What rock band released the song Red Barchetta in 1981 about a not-so-distant future where traditional motorized vehicles are outlawed?
2. (Movies) Taking place in Canada’s Yukon Territory, the 1991 movie adaptation of Jack London’s White Fang starred this actor.
3. (Television) “The Great White North” was the title of a TV sketch and a comedy album by these two fictional Canadian brothers.
4. (Sports) What city, which recently made headlines in the sports world, is home to the Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football league?
5. (Food and Drink) The Canadian beer brand Labatt Blue officially became part of the Anheuser-Busch family when Anheuser-Busch was purchased by this company in 2008.

Answers below the bump.



(Luke Skywalker)(Boston Celtics)(Tawney Kitaen)(Daily Planet)(Hornet)(Rush)(Ethan Hawke)(Bob and Doug McKenzie)(Winnipeg)(InBev)

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