Halloween Trivia – Part I “Boo”

These set of questions took up Round 2 of last night’s Not-So-Scary-Halloween-Trivia-a-go-go at Maddy’s. The answers are below Boo.

Good luck!

UPDATE: You’re also going to want to check out Part II and III.

  1. (Literature) What literary work features the reclusive neighbor Arthur “Boo” Radley?
  2. (The Internets) With over 5 million views on YouTube, Boo, “the world’s cutest dog” is this breed, named for a region Central Europe.
  3. (Music) What two artists recorded the R&B duet “My Boo” in 2004? 
  4. (Sports) Curley “Boo” Johnson played 18 seasons from 1988 to 2007 for what basketball team?
  5. (Movies) In the Disney Pixar film Monsters Inc. Sully’s nickname for the little girl is “Boo”; what is the nickname that Boo has for Sully?
  6. (Famous Figures) Which one of the members of the Travelling Willburys was known as “Boo Willbury”?
What ARE you??

(To Kill a Mockingbird)(Pomeranian)(Usher and Alicia Keys)(Harlem Globetrotters)(Kitty)(Bob Dylan)

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