Happy Birthday, Genghis Khan!

There is apparently some dispute within the historical community regarding the year that Genghis Khan was born. Depending on who you ask, it was somewhere between 1155 and 1162. But somehow, the scholars over at Wikipedia have pinpointed the exact day: today. And if it’s good enough for Wikipedia, it’s good enough for me. So to celebrate, I made some haikus filled with useless knowledge about the Khan-meister. Use the comments section and make your own!

Birth name Temujin
Tatars poisoned his father
He got his revenge

Mongolian Khan
Sacked Beijing, kicked out Xuanzong.
Jin Dynasty? Check.

Killed with cavalry
Ride hands-free, shooting arrows.
Sword, mace, axe, hook, lance.

Fell from horse and died
Biopic starring John Wayne
A box office bomb


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