Jayson Stark Baseball Trivia on ESPN’s Mike and Mike [NO TRIVIA on June 19, 2012]

Apparently Jayson Stark took a day off from Tuesday Trivia on Mike & Mike this morning. We will hopefully return to our regularly scheduled program next week. But in the mean time, take a look at the archives.

You can also check out Stark’s recent blog post about 5 Astounding Facts, including Votto hitting like Ruth, and the absurdity of Gregor Blanco’s perfect game saving catch in right field:

There have been 32 fly balls hit — anywhere in baseball — since 2010, with that approximate hang time, to that approximate location on the field. Blanco was the first right fielder to catch any of them. And of the 13 balls hit in San Francisco to within 25 feet of that spot with that approximate hang time, five turned into triples, five more were doubles and only two were caught — both by the center fielder. Holy schmoly.”

See you back next week!

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