5 Trivia Questions about “Thunder”

When the Stanley Cup finals were going on, and the Devils were one game away from losing it all, I brought you Movie Devils vs. Movie Kings. Now, it’s the Thunder’s turn to stave off elimination in the NBA finals. And so, in true SayKNOWtoTrivia fashion, here are 5 trivia questions about thunder (UPDATE: You can also check out “15 songs to Beat the Heat”). Answers are below Zeus.

  1. (Word Play) What dinosaur takes its name from the Greek for “thunder lizard”?
  2. (Mythology) In Greek mythology, Zeus released these mythological creatures from the dark pit of Tartarus, in order to provide him with his thunderbolts, which he used to defeat the Titans.
  3. (Geography) The city of Thunder Bay, located at the head of Lake Superior, can be found in what Canadian province?
  4. (Movies) What Hollywood couple met on the set of the 1990 film Days of Thunder?
  5. (Literature) Who wrote the science fiction short story A Sound of Thunder, in which a hunter travels back in time to kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and is based on the concept that was later termed the “butterfly effect”.


(Brontosaurus)(Cyclops)(Ontario)(Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman)(Ray Bradbury)

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