5 Song RUSH quiz – Happy Canada Day!

RUSH is a Canadian prog-rock power trio. Since their self-titled debut
RUSH in 1975, the unit of Alex Leifson (face-melter), Neil Peart (unstoppable fire-breathing precussional force) and Geddy Lee (vocals, keys, hair) have released 24 gold records. This ranks 3rd behind some clowns you may have heard of called The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Still, they have yet to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Bureaucratic nonsense.

So to honor the best thing to come out of Canada since insulin, here are 5 trivia questions about 5 different RUSH songs. Answers are below The Professor.

1. What RUSH song told the story of a not-so-distant future where traditional motorized vehicles are outlawed?

2. Which RUSH song was the last to be longer than 10 minutes?

3. Which RUSH song gets its name from the Toronto International airport code?

4. Split into two parts on two different albums, the title of what RUSH song took its name from an actual black hole, and when Parts 1 and 2 are combined, it is their longest song at 28:33.

5. What female singer provided the backup vocals for the 1987 Rush song “Time Stand Still”?

Want the answers? Here’s a good place to start. Or shout out on Twitter.

Happy Canada Day! Only 100 years away from Canada Day 2112.

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One thought on “5 Song RUSH quiz – Happy Canada Day!

  1. I’m not into Rush, but I know someone who is and so I can say that I know the answer to #5: Aimee Mann. 🙂

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