Doin’ Time: 10 Trivia Questions about Summer

Summer. The season for baseball, beaches and blockbusters… and pop-culture references. How well do you know these “summer” movies, books, music and TV shows?

You can find the answers in Part II, Name that Summer Movie.

  1. (Literature/Sports) The title of Roger Rhan’s acclaimed sports novel The Boys of Summer, referred to this baseball team, who played their home game at Ebbets Field.
  2. (Shakespeare) What was the name of the Queen of the Fairies in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream?
  3. (Comic Books) Scott Summers is the real name of what Marvel super hero?
  4. (Commercials) During the late 1980’s and 90s, actress Suzanne Somers was the spokesperson for this piece of exercise equipment.
  5. (Movies) What 1997 movie had a pivotal scene where the four main characters overhear Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff” while waiting in line at the unemployment office?
  6. (Music) The 1997 Sublime hit, “Doin’ Time”, was a loose cover of the song “Summertime” from the opera Porgy and Bess by this composer.
  7. (Lyrically Speaking) In Don Henley’s 1984 hit, “The Boys of Summer”, what type of sticker does he see on a Cadillac?
  8. (Movies) In the 1966 film The Endless Summer, what were the main characters in search of?
  9. (Television) TV character Jamie Sommers, a tennis pro who was nearly killed in a skydiving accident, was better known as whom?
  10. (Kids Television) Former Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Summer Sanders was named “commissioner” for the Nickelodieon Games and Sports channel in 1998, after being the first ever female host of a Nickelodeon game show. What was the name of the game show?
“Stick this.” – Don Henley




a) Stand by Me
b) Vacation
c) The Sandlot
d) Dirty Dancing
e) Wet Hot American Summer
f) Dazed and Confused
g) Heavyweights
h) Now & Then
i) Adventureland
j) Meatballs
k) The Graduate
l) Dog Day Afternoon


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