5 Trivia Questions about Sharks

To pay homage to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, I put together a few shark-related questions to open up Round 1 of Trivia last night at Ventnor Sports Cafe. Couldn’t make it? Here’s what you missed:

  1. (Animal Kingdom) Derived from the Greek word for “Skull”, a cephalofoil, is said to help which type of shark in prey manipulation, maneuverability and sensory reception?
  2. (DC Trivia) Every year during Shark Week, the Discovery Channel building “dresses up” as a giant shark. Which DC-metro area city in Maryland is home to this giant shark building?
  3. (Name Game) What golfer is nicknamed “The Shark” and even hosts his official website at shark.com
  4. (Movies) What super-villain made a “simple request” for “sharks with frikin’ laser beams attached to their heads”?
  5. (Music) The song “Pool Shark” by this band contains the lyric “One day i’m gonna lose the war” in reference to the lead singer’s battle with heroin addiction (he later died of a heroin overdose).  

BONUS ‘Jaws’ mini-quiz!

  1. Boat actor 1
  2. Boat actor 2
  3. Boat actor 3
  4. Director
  5. Name the town
  6. Name the boat
  7. Name the author (of the book, that the movie was based on)
  8. Jaws was an attraction at this amusement park
  9. (SPOILER ALERT!) How did the shark die?
  10. Was nominated for Best Picture in 1976, lost to what movie?


(Hammerhead Shark)(Silver Spring, MD)(Greg Norman)(Dr. Evil)(Sublime)

Jaws mini-quiz Answers

(Roy Scheider)(Robert Shaw)(Richard Dreyfuss)(Steven Spielberg)(Amity Island)(The Orca)(Peter Benchley)(Universal Studios)(exploding SCUBA tank)(One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)

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