Trivia Night Recap: August 21, 2012

Hey team! Thanks for coming out to Ventnor Sports Cafe this week for Tuesday trivia. We started the night off strong and didn’t let up. Here’s a quick recap:

Round 1

Apparently everyone knows what an Astronomical Unit is. But who did Linda Eastman marry on March 12, 1969? Only two teams knew the answer, including P. Menaces, who took the early lead. When it came to choosing the Round 1 prize, they opted for the locker dry-erase board, instead of the locker mirror.

Round 2

P. Menaces increase their lead to 4 after the audio round (string quartet covers). Cocaine Condoms continues to lurk in second place…

Round 3

The Only Black Guy in the Room comes out of nowhere to take the lead by 1 after the shark movie picture round (and won a can of tuna for their efforts). I will have to say, as far as move picture rounds go, this one was damn tough. P. Menaces drops down to third place…(NOTE: The locker mirror was still available as a prize, until I fumbled it and it shattered into a million pieces).

Round 4

Round 4 was all about Girl Power! Do you know the actual name of the Spice Girls’ debut album? Or how Diane Crump made sports history? How about the first American woman in space? P. Menaces made a run for it, but they couldn’t catch The Only Black Guy in the Room, who took home the grand prize bar tab. The dynamic duo of We’re Not Dating – I just like to F@#% secured last place and earned a couple beer cozies I got for free in the mail for this bacon party I was supposed to throw… but that’s another story.

Until next week!

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