Trivia Night Recap: September 11, 2012

Another successful week for Tuesday Trivia at Ventnor Sports Cafe (unless you were The Oodles, who came in last place).  Here’s how the rest of the teams did:

Round 1

The team currently known as ‘P. Menaces’ was out for blood after they came up short on Neil Armstrong night two weeks ago. They scored a perfect 26 to open it up (including +1 bonus point for knowing the nickname of Ed “Too Tall” Jones). They also had intimate knowledge of the Foot Clan, Footloose, Adam Foote, and metatarsal bones.

Round 2

P. Menaces maintained their lead after the audio round, sponsored by Jock Jams. Special thanks to House of Pain, C+C Music Factory, Technotronic, 2 Unlimited, and Republica. It’s My Birthday, Bitches ended up two points off the lead. Team RG4 rounded out the top three.

Round 3

P. Menaces extends their lead after some homemade NFL-themed Before & After. RG4 is still in the hunt and a three-way tie for third place develops, marked by the emergence That Guy John Denver is Full of Shit.

Round 4

In Round 4, teams tried to prove their American-ness.

What navy admiral famously yelled “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”?

Where did George Washington’s first inaugural address take place?

If you knew the answers to these questions, you would have most likely done better than The Oodles, who locked up last place and took home of a jar of sliced peaches.

How you fared in round 4 depended on how well you knew your movie presidents. RG4 did slightly better in that department but still fell two points short of victory. It all came down to Anthony Hopkins’ role in Amistad (John Quincy Adams, duh). RG4 answered “Adams”. I subtly gave them the a second chance to throw in “Quincy” but they wouldn’t bite. And that was the end of that. Game goes to P. Menaces.

Will they repeat next week? See them LIVE in action next Tuesday. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

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