Pub Trivia Prep 101: Richard III

The great thing about Pub Quiz trivia is that you don’t need to be a scholar on any every single topic. All you need to know are the basics. If you know just a little bit about a lot of stuff, you’re sure to take home those weekly bar dollars.

So here it is: considering the news he’s making this week, today’s Pub Trivia Prep 101 is about Richard III. So on your next trivia night, if they ask a question about the original Tricky Dick, you’ll be looking sharp with this knowledge at your disposal.

Richard III
Remember: Plantagenet, Bosworth Field, Henry Tudor, Shakespeare, a real Dick
  1. Richard III was the last of the Plantagenet and Yorkist kings of England
  2. His title before his ascension to the English throne was the Duke of Gloucester
  3. Following the death of his brother, Edward IV, Richard usurped the throne of his 12 year old nephew Edward V in 1483 (He also allegedly trapped Edward V and his brother in the Tower of London and murdered them)
  4. Richard perished in defeat to Henry Tudor (eventually Henry VII) at the Battle of Bosworth Field, making the end of the Wars of the Roses
  5. Richard III (1592) is William Shakespeare’s second longest play after Hamlet, and opens with the line “Now is the winter of our discontent”
  6. He was portrayed on the big screen by the likes of Ian McKellan (1995), Lawrence Olivier (1955) and Vincent Price (1962)
  7. “He was generally depicted as the worst and most wicked of kings”

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica (part of my new years resolution to not rely so much on Wikipedia)

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