Trivia: Mardi Gras “Beads” Quiz

This isn’t your mother’s Mardi Gras trivia. In true SayKNOWtoTrivia fashion, where I go through a fairly roundabout way of asking questions about a certain theme, your Mardi Gras quiz for 2013 is all about beads.

On a related note, I’ll be asking some more “traditional” Mardi Gras at the triumphant return or Trivia Night at Ventnor Sports Cafe (Washington, DC) next Tuesday, February 19th. I’ll even be unleashing an exclusive ‘bead’ question. You’re seriously not going to want to miss it.

Answers below the Mardi Gras-est reptile around.

  1. (Jewelry) Gaining popularity in the 1960s What was the name of the long strand of handmade beads frequently worn by hippies?
  2. (Music) The rock band Beady Eye was formed in 2009 by guitarists Gem Archer and and Andy Bell, and vocalist Liam Gallagher, all former members of what band?
  3. (Animal Kingdom) Found primarily in Mexico and the southern United States, along with the Beaded Lizard, this is one of only two venomous lizards in world.
  4. (Geography) Aggry beads are a type of decorated glass bead from what West African nation whose capital is Accra.
  5. (Name that country!) Jewelry design company Trollbeads, founded by Søren Nielsenin in 1976 in this country, are said to have developed the original charm bracelet jewelry concept.
SHOW ME YOUR TATAS! (Photo Credit: Matt Marriott/Busch Gardens Tampa Bay)
SHOW ME YOUR TATAS! (Photo Credit: Matt Marriott/Busch Gardens Tampa Bay)


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