5 Questions from Last Week’s Trivia Night (and how the teams answered them)

**The following post pertains to Tuesday Trivia at Ventnor Sports Cafe. Bringing you the best Trivia Night in Adams Morgan (D.C.) since Mid-2012. 

Last week was Earth Day so I went all out with my Captain Planet theme. Earth..Fire..Wind..Water..Heart… Gooo Planet!

Here’s a sample of some of the stuff I asked. Statistically, question 4 was the easiest, with 6 of the 8 teams guessing correctly. The worst was 5, where only two teams were right. The correct answers are below in bold.

  1. (Young Adult Fiction) In the second book of Suzanne Collins’ bestselling Hunger Games series, entitled “Catching Fire”, the arena in which the Hunger Games takes place is in the shape of what household object?
  2. (Literature) In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, the narrator, a British sailor named Charles Marlow, is aboard a ship anchored in what other river, as he recounts the story of his voyage down the Congo River?
  3. (Famous Shiny Things) Named after the fifth largest city in Ireland, what crystal glassware company has designed the Time Square New Years Eve Ball since 2000?
  4. (Video Games) What video game character gained his superpowers when a robotic space suit, created by Professor Monkey-For-a-Head, fell from the sky and landed on him?
  5. (Nature!) Also the name of a Boeing helicopter, what is the name of the warm, dry wind that occurs where the Canadian Prairies and Great Plans meet various mountain ranges.
Pictured: Wind
Pictured: Wind (source – SPOILER ALERT!)


1. Clock (4), Cauldron, Teapot, Bowl, Blender

2. Thames (3), Nile (4), Congo (1)

3. Waterford (5), Swarovski (3)

4. Earthworm Jim (6), Mega Man, BLANK

5. Apache (3), Chinook (2), Black Hawk, Augusta, Geronimo

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