17 Venture Bros. Inspired Trivia Questions

Venture fans rejoice! The Adult Swim original series The Venture Bros. returns tonight for its 5th season.

You want to tell people it’s a show about the misadventures of a former Johnny Quest-type boy-adventurer turned shallow and lonely-hearts super scientist, his well-intentioned but misguided titular twin teenage boys, and their “super kill guy” body guard. But you know it’s so much more than that. Unfortunately it’s too hard to explain because the Venture Bros. mythos runs so deep… and you’re probably too stoned. You should probably just let Henchman 21 explain it for you anyways.

The show is also not without the occasional pop-culture nod or obscure historical reference, due to the robust writing and research skills of co-creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer. So whenever I’m in need of a question or two to fill out my weekly bar trivia quiz, I turn to an old episode of the Venture Bros.

It also helps that The Mantis-Eye Experiment, “The Original Venture Bros. News and Information Site”, packages all these references into nice little episode “capsules” that I pull from. So thanks for making my life easier, Mantis Eye! Can’t wait to follow along throughout Season 5.

And with that, I give you 17 trivia questions (that I’ve used in real-live pub quizzes) inspired by pop culture and historical references in The Venture Bros. You can find the answers in the capsules of each corresponding episode.

Good luck, and GO TEAM VENTURE!

Also, this bonus Sporcle quiz.
Also, this bonus Sporcle quiz.
  1. (Music) After a successful solo career, what rock star was the front man for the band Tin Machine from 1988 to 1992? (See Season 4, Episode 5, The Revenge Society)
  2. (Science) What does a Lepidopterist study or collect? (See Season 3, Episode 9, The Lepidopterists)
  3. (Tourist Traps) What museum and former Mansion, which covers the entire city block at the corner of Fifth Avenue and East 70th Street, New York City, was the inspiration for the fictional Avengers Mansion of Marvel Comics fame? (See Season 3, Episode 10, ORB)
  4. (Famous Figures) Which astronaut was the only person to fly in all three of America’s first space programs, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo? (See Season 3, Episode 10, Now Museum, Now You Don’t!)
  5. (Word Play) During what aquatic activity would you most likely perform the Valsalva Maneuver? (See Season 3, Episode 10, Now Museum, Now You Don’t!
  6. (Literature/Movies) What 2007 fantasy-adventure film starring Nicole Kidman was based on the novel Northern Lights by British author Philip Pullman? (See Season 3, Episode 10, Diving Bell vs. the Butter Glider)
  7. (Fun and Games) The commercial for what children’s game cautioned “Don’t touch the sides”? (See Season 3, Episode 10, Diving Bell vs. the Butter Glider)
  8. (Advertising) What brand of toothpaste introduced the Cavity Creeps in the 1980s? (See Season 3, Episode 10, Diving Bell vs. the Butter Glider)
  9. (Collectables) A CGC rating, created by the Certified Guaranteed Company is a grading scale used to rate the quality of what type of collectible? (See Season 3, Episode 1, Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel)
  10. (Movies) What is the primary setting of the films Fantastic Voyage and Innerspace? (See Season 3, Episode 10, Diving Bell vs. the Butter Glider)
  11. (Ancient History) A Secutor was a type of ancient Roman a)Soldier b)Gladiator c)Politician d)Armed Guard? (See Season 4, Episode 10, Pomp & Circuitry)
  12. (Geography) The former region of French Indochina is now comprised of present day Vietnam, Loas and what other country? (See Season 4, Episode 10, Pomp & Circuitry)
  13. (Famous Figures) What type of organ was famously transplanted to an infant known as Baby Fae in 1984 during the very first xenotransplant? (See Season 4, Episode 15, The Silent Partners)
  14. (Word Play) What was the term for the combat food ration introduced by Dr. Ancel Keys during World War II? (See Season 4, Episode 13, Bright Lights, Dean City)
  15. (Famous Figures) Born in 1867, this man was the first athlete to purposely sculpt his body to what he called ‘Grecian Ideal’ and is often referred to as the “Father of modern bodybuilding”. (See Season 3, Episode 10, ORB)
  16. (Art) Often using death as a central theme to his works, this British artist created a piece in 1992 entitled The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, which was comprised of a 14 foot Tiger Shark immersed in formaldehyde and encased in glass. (See Season 3, Episode 12, The Family that Slays Together, Stays Together, Part I)
  17. (Music/Art) This artist, known for his psychedelic fantasy landscapes, is most famous for providing the album cover art for dozens of musicians going back to the 1970s, with over 20 albums alone for the band Yes. (See Season 4, Episode 3, Perchance to Dean)

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