Every Jayson Stark Trivia Question from 2013

Due to a Mediterranean cruise, busy Tuesday mornings in general, and overall laziness, I missed a few Jayson Stark trivia questions this year. That probably means you did to.

So with the All-Star break coming up, I thought it was a perfect time to recap the first half of the season. I already posted a few one-offs, which I linked to below. The rest of the answers are hyperlinked at the end, so no spoilers.

Holler if I missed anything. Good luck out there, team.

Mike and Mike celebration dance after answering Jayson Stark's trivia question correctly.
Mike and Mike celebration dance after answering Jayson Stark’s trivia question correctly. (ESPN)

April 17

CC Sabathia has a streak of 12 straight years with 10+ wins & a winning record. Name the 2 pitchers with a current streak of at least half that long.

Apr 23

See this Post.

May 1

See this Post.

May 7

Miguel Cabrera has won 2 AL batting titles. Only 4 other current AL players (NOT counting DL) have ever won one!

May 16

Only 2 current players under the age of 30 have hit 200+ career HRs. Name them!

May 21

Only 3 CURRENT closers under the age of 30 have 100 career saves (or more). Can you name them?

May 28

Over the last 5 seasons (’09-13), 4 starters (w 100+ starts) have an ERA that’s UNDER 3.00. Name them!

June 5

See this Post.

June 13

Manny Machado is on pace to get 221 hits. Name the 3 active players who have ever gotten 221+ hits in a season.

June 18

Torii Hunter has 9 Gold Gloves & 300 HR. Can you name the only 2 other active players with 300 HR & 4+ Gold Gloves?

July 4

If Manny Ramirez gets back to big leagues he’d be 4th active member of .300/.400/.500 Club (3000+ PA). Name the other 3.

July 9

Roy Oswalt has had 10 seasons since ’01 with 10+ games pitched & a WINNING record. Name the 3 pitchers w/ more.

60% of the time, it's Pujols every time. (Getty Images)
60% of the time, it’s Pujols every time. (Getty Images)


April 17 – This guy and This guy

May 7 – This guy, This guy, This guy, and This guy

May 16 – These two dudes

May 21 – This fella,  and him, and him

May 28 – This guy, this guy, this guy AND this guy

June 13This guy, this guy,  & this guy!

June 18 – Just this guy and this guy

July 4 –  This guy, this guy and this guy

July 9 –  This guy, this guy and this guy too

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