6 Bar Trivia Questions for Shark Week

Another year, another Shark Week.

That means that you can bet your ominous dorsal fin that I’ll be asking some Shark-related trivia at Ventnor Sports Cafe team trivia night tomorrow.

And instead of putting this year’s quiz through the recyclotron, I decided to write up some entirely new questions for you guys!

So as a warm-up, the questions from last year’s Shark Week quiz are below (and here). Scroll down for answers.

See you Tuesday!

  1. (Sports) What member of the San Jose Sharks completed a hat trick in the 1997 NHL All-Star game after calling his shot, pointing to top corner of the net during a breakaway, beating goaltender Dominik Hasek.

  2. (Musicals) What was the name of the Shark that Tony the Jet fell in love with in the musical West Side Story?

  3. (US Geography) Due to a booming population of grey seals, sightings of Great White Sharks have recently increased off the coast of what US city?

  4. (Food and Drink) What food brand produced a special shark-shaped edition of their product back in 1990?

  5. (Animal Kingdom) The largest species of shark is named after what mammal?

  6. (Television) What television character literally jumped over a shark in a water skiing stunt, inspiring the phrase “jumping the shark”, indicating that a television show has begun to decline in quality beyond recovery?

Free team name suggestion.
Free team name suggestion.

Answers! Don’t cheat!

(Owen Nolan)(Maria)(Cape Cod, MA)(Chef Boyardee)(Whale Shark)(The Fonz)


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