15 (more) Bar Trivia Questions for Shark Week

As promised, I crafted some brand new shark-themed trivia questions for my second annual Shark Week Trivia Night at Ventnor Sports Cafe.

I managed to squeeze in three round’s worth of questions, all with varying levels of actual sharkness.

Rounds 1 and 4 had miscellaneous “shark” questions. Round 3 was about “shark” movies. The questions to all three rounds are below.

I didn’t include the Round 2 questions. Because they were about Michael Jackson, and not about sharks… (I gave away tickets to an MJ dance party at the 9:30 Club).

At the end of the night, it was perennial threat “P.Menaces” that took home the gold (and a copy of Ron Howard’s Cocoon that I got from the bargain bin at 7/11). Team “Shark Bait” was a distant second place. Last place team “Better Late Than Never” received a used Scene It movie trivia game that my friend Kurt didn’t feel like taking with him to Los Angeles.

Anyways, see how you do yourself. Know that no teams got every answer right. I wouldn’t be doing my job right if they did.

Answers are below. So don’t scroll down too far…Good luck!

Round 1

  1. (Sports) What Washington National got the nickname “The Shark” for the way he hunts down balls in the outfield like a shark going after its prey?
  2. (Television) The recurring Saturday Night Character “Land Shark” first appeared in 1975 and was voiced by what original cast member?
  3. (Food and Drink) The Anheuser-Busch brand Land Shark was launched in 2006 as the house lager for  what restaurant chain, with multiple locations across Florida and the Caribbean?
  4. (Animal Kingdom) The Basking Shark, the second largest living fish after the whale shark, is one of only 3 shark species whose diet consists mainly of what?
  5. (Word Play) The subject of a 2013 Discovery Channel Shark Week special, the name of what extinct shark species is Greek for “giant tooth”?
Team "Megadent" was sorely disapointed in the answer to question #5 (Image Credit: Discovery Channel
Team “Megadent” was sorely disappointed in the answer to question #5 (Image Credit: Discovery Channel)

Round 3

  1. (Shark Movies) What James Bond Film had Roger Moore’s James Bond throw a villain named Jaws into a shark tank?
  2. (Bad Shark Movies) Before Sharknado, the SyFy channel produced this low budget film about a genetically engineered half shark, half 8-limbed creature.
  3. (“Shark” Movies) What movie features the fictional football team, The Miami Sharks?
  4. (Not-so Shark Movies) Taking place 30 years in the future, in the year 2015, the film Back to the Future II features a scene where main character Marty McFly encounters an advertisement for what number sequel to Jaws?
  5. (Good Shark Movies) Jaws was nominated for an Academy Award for Best picture in 1976. However, it lost out to this film, who also came away with the Awards for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director.
Yes, that was a actual trivia question. Deal with it.
Yes, that was a actual trivia question. Deal with it.

Round 4

  1. (Cartoons that Suck) What title cartoon character cartoon shark played drums for a rock band called the Neptunes? [this is Jay Ray question]
  2. (Food and Drink) The gummy fruit candies known as Shark Bites is a “fruit” snack product of this food company, a brand name of General Mills? [this is a Jay Ray question]
  3. (Art) Often using death as a central theme to his works, this British artist created a piece in 1992 entitled The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, which was comprised of a 14 foot Tiger Shark immersed in formaldehyde and encased in glass.
  4. (Sports) What goaltender signed with the San Jose Sharks in 1998, a year after winning the Conn Smythe Trophy and Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings?
  5. (Shark Movies) In the 1975 film Jaws, what was the name of Captain Quint’s boat?
Shark art or "shart"(source)
Shark art or “shart” (source)


(Roger Bernadina)(Chevy Chase)(Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville)(Plankton)(Megalodon)(The Spy Who Loved Me)(Shartopus)(Any Given Sunday)(19)(One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)(Jabberjaw)(Betty Crocker)(Damien Hirst)(Mike Vernon)(The Orca)


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