Ben Affleck Bar Trivia Picture Quiz

With all the whatever surrounding the recent Batman announcement, I thought it was perfect timing for a Ben Affleck movie face quiz (ala the Arnold quiz I did two years ago).

The toughest part about making it was there’s actually a crap-ton of Ben Affleck movies to choose from. So I tried to find a balance of his awesome movies and his horrendous ones, his early years and the more recent, and his easily identifiable roles and more obscure characters.

The teams at last night’s pub quiz did pretty well, averaging about 8-9 out of 12. No perfect scores though. Letter L was the hardest. The most frequently used “guess answer” was The Town, which [SPOILER ALERT] isn’t even included.

Good luck!

affleck movie quiz

Highlight below for answers:

a. Armageddon
b. Extract
c. Dogma
d. Smokin Aces
e. Boiler Room
f. Shakespeare in Live
g. Reindeer Games
h. Argo
i. Gigli
j. Paycheck
k. Good Will Hunting
l. Bounce

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