15 Bar Trivia Team Names for the Government Shutdown

There are three main routes you can take for your Pub Trivia team name:

1) Your tried and true team name that you use week in and week out

2) An overtly sexual pun

3) Capitalizing on a recent news event

This post deals with #3. Hmm so what’s been in the news recently? Oh I dunno, maybe the government acting like a bunch of 5-year-olds?

So here are 15 Bar Trivia team names inspired by the Shut Down.  Some are lousy. Write new ones in the comments (or on Twitter) and I’ll add them.

Stay busy, my fair furloughed friends.

Bonus Trivia: This ride was directed by Leonard Nimoy.
Unfortunately, you can’t blame the government for shutting down Body Wars.

Furlough-ering the Bar

The only thing we’re shutting down tonight is our sobriety

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Boehner

I didn’t know the New York Giants were government employees

You can’t blame the shutdown for your sex life

You can shut down our government, but you can never shut down OUR FREEDOM!!

Contact your doctor if your Boehner lasts longer than 6 hours

Republicans? More like Re-being a bunch o’ morons

I don’t get a paycheck, but hey, at least this place is giving me a free sandwich!

Shut Down, Ass Up

Shut em down open up shop [and then your team goes “Ohhh. Nooo. That’s how roughriders roll.“]

Never go full-Republican

If it’s called Furlough, why am I so High?

Day 3: I can only watch so many Say Yes to the Dress marathons

This is worse than when Newman shut down the electricity in Jurassic Park

Shout out on Twitter if you’ve got any better ones. 

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