15 Super Bowl themed Bar Trivia Team Names

The trivia night that I host got cancelled this week in favor of a State of the Union viewing party. I’m in Washington, DC. So that kind of thing will happen.

The good news is I was free to attend the great Jay Ray’s trivia night at Rock Bottom. I got my start subbing for Jay back in 2010. Always great to hit up the old stomppin’ grounds (and heckle the shit out of Jay. Only out of love, of course).

With the Super Bowl coming up, I really wanted to use Puppy Bowl-themed team name. Thankfully Austin came through with the gem you see below. We finished middle-of-the-pack-ish. But definitely finished first for most “ohhhhh”s after our team name was announced.

So here’s that team name, and 14 more. I encourage you to create some of your own in the comments or on Twitter.

Peyton Manning’s Fivehead

Super Bowl Truffle Shuffle

The Superb Owls [courtesy Mr. Colbert]

Too Cold for this Shit

Tom Brady’s Tear-Soaked Uggs

Last time I saw a Puppy Bowl was on a Korean menu

R. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Seattle

Russel Wilson’s Lollipop Guild

Bring back the XFL

Hey Bruno Mars, show me Uranus.

Whoever created that Budweiser commercial must have been on their period

Wes Skywelker

Sherman on the Mount


Does John Elway get Mile High?

Pup Pup Platter
Pup Pup Platter. (source)

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