5 Bar Trivia Questions for “Pi Day”

When I realized it was Pi Day today (3.14), I thought to myself: “Didn’t that already happen a few month ago? Cuz I totally remember making some pie trivia relatively recently.”

Turns out I did in fact make some pie trivia a few months ago, but it was in honor of that night’s 9:30 Club concert ticket giveaway to the Pietasters.

Regardless, I say there’s no better time to post these. Hope you enjoy! The answers are below Floor Pie.

  1. (History) What old west bank robber and train robber committed his first crime in 1880 when he stole a pair of jeans and some pie?
  2. (Fun with Numbers) What are the two digits that follow 3.14 in the mathematical constant Pi?
  3. (Nursery Rhymes) What nursery rhyme character stuck his thumb in a Christmas Pie and pulled out a plum?
  4. (Movies) In the American Pie series what is the first name of Sean William Scott’s character Stifler?
  5. (Infamous Figures) What infamous figure was pied in July 2011 during a highly publicized testimony before a British parliamentary committee in connection with the News International phone hacking scandal?



(Butch Cassidy)(15)(Little Jack Horner)(Steven)(Rupert Murdoch)

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