5 (more) Bar Trivia Questions for Shark Week

Shark Week 2014 kicked off last night. So if you’re in the bar trivia biz like me, you’ve a got an easy decision to make on this week’s theme.

I already have a pretty sizable database of shark-themed trivia questions from the past few years but I wanted to push myself to come up with at least 5 new ones.

Since I’m off this week, I was able to ask these questions last week. I can tell you that zero teams got that last totally-guessable ‘Sharknado’ question right…

cuban shark tank

See if you can do any better. Good luck, chums.

  1. (Made for TV Movies) What is the subtitle of the 2014 SyFy channel sequel to Sharknado?
  2. (Famous Firsts) In what year did the very first “Shark Week” take place on the Discovery Channel? A)1998 B)1994 c)1988 d)1984
  3. (Food and Drink) When visiting Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville restaurant, what type of alcohol can you add to a Landshark Lager in order make it a “Loaded” Landshark?
  4. (Television) What veteran reality TV show producer created the television show Shark Tank, where potential investors consider offers from aspiring entrepreneurs seeking funding for their business?
  5. (Sharknado)  What is the first name of the surfer / bar owner played by Ian Ziering, the lead actor in the 2013 made for SyFy Channel movie, Sharnado?

Answers are below. No cheating, or else.




(The Second One)(1988)(Tequila)(Mark Burnett)(Fin)

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